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8 Kinds of People You Meet in a Jeepney

Jeepney, the most popular and most basic form of transportation in the Philippines. Everyday, strangers coming from all kinds of places, come together in this seemingly colorful vehicle to get to their desired points of destination. But what people don't know is that there are different kinds of people that you may or may not meet in a jeepney, and a jeepney's composition has something to do with how these people behave. From the list below, which kind of jeepney passenger are you?

1) "The Average Joes"

These are your typical day-to-day passengers who patiently wait on their seats to arrive at their destinations. The description might sound boring but most of us would fall under this category, whether we may be students going to school or employees going to to their designated workplaces. Expect these people to put on some earphones and listen to music or for some, sleep.

2) "The story tellers"

Well the title says it all. If there's one thing that these people have in common, it's that they talk, talk, and talk. From a middle-aged housewife giving advices about what kind of milk to buy to her friend who just bore a child or two pre-school teachers chatting about how adorable their students are. Now there's nothing wrong about people having conversations, in fact, it's a great way to pass the time and it can also be fun in some cases. Just be wary of those who are too "insensitive" in talking.

3) "The Eavesdroppers"

You're with your friend on your way to a birthday party. You both ride a jeepney, and while on your way, you both talk about how awesome it's gonna be. Being in a vehicle with people sitting beside and in front of you and your friend, i guess it's only natural that people can overhear your conversation right? These are your "eavesdroppers". You can easily notice these people with how they move their eyes. If the range of their eyes are almost always peripheral to yours, then chances are this person might be listening to your conversation. Plus they occasionally give smirks to the times you crack up a joke. The term "eavesdroppers" might not sound good, but as long as that person is not interrupting you both, then its perfectly fine. Its a free country.

4) "Mr. and Ms. Are we there yet?"

These people are late. Late for class, late for work, late for an appointment, late for a sunday mass, late for a date, you name it. There are 3 ways on how to spot a "Mr/Ms are we there yet?" 1) They are constantly looking at the time, may it be their watch or their phone. 2) They are always looking forward or looking at their surroundings to check if they're near their destination. 3) And lastly they will always complain about the driver's driving may it be fast or slow. Just a tip, late people are quite hot-headed so be careful not to cross paths with them.

5) "The daydreamers"

Believe it or not, the jeepney is one of the few places that a man can run wild with its imagination. I too am guilty of this. I've had several instances wherein my body is not the only thing that's going somewhere but also my mind. There's just something about a jeepney that makes it suitable for a man to just sit down and just think deeply, and maybe even introspect if you've thought that deep. A daydreamer can be noticed by how they stare at blank spaces.

6) "Romeo and Juliet"

Yep, believe it or not there are Romeo's and Juliet's in jeepneys. Well obviously these guys are couples, and what they do is basically be Romeo and Juliet for the time that they are in the jeep. A concrete example of what they do would be holding of hands, cuddling, hugging, and even kissing in some cases. Now I'm not entirely against PDA (Public Display of Affection) because there can be times that we can be "overly-romantic" but there should always be a limit to what we do and we should be careful not to affect the other passengers.

7) "The long lost friend"

If you think you are safe from those "awkward situations" when you are riding a jeepney, then you are clearly mistaken. Because the jeepney is the most basic form of transportation then there is a high chance that you can meet people whom you have met before. Still can't comprehend any level of awkwardness? Then let me explain further.. Just imagine your friend whom you never got a long with in highschool, your enemy in college, your boss who fired you from your previous job, heck, even your ex-lover sitting beside you for 30-40 mins. See what I mean? It's in these situations where you just wish you had taken the other jeepney.

8) "The culprit"

This is not a laughing matter and it is these kind of people that we should be aware of when we ride a jeepney. These "culprits" when they ride a jeepney, usually situates themselves near the exit or at center but never at the rear end. They usually carry a bag or loose trousers with a lot of pockets. You can also notice them by the way they act. They are always tense, and they will always look from left to right. What we should also be aware of is that they sometimes come in packs. Sometimes, one would enter the jeepney while it's accomplices block the exit. But during those times that we are unable to notice and are held at gunpoint, just surrender what you have. What material things you carry in the jeep is not worth your life.

Well that's it. From the list above, which kind of person are you? Hopefully not the 8th. Hope you enjoyed this blog! :D

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